(This article was written on April 18, 2020. Numbers and statistics have changed.)

Dear Clients and Friends:

Thank you, your employees, families, and business associates for mitigating the slope of the Covid-19 Crisis we face together. Like almost all of you, our Company (VAVA Inc.) has been negatively impacted by the Pandemic, but the Company continues to provide competent professional valuation services as promptly as the situation permits. Thank you for your patience. We are sympathetic to your struggle.

I have been tracking Covid-19 statistics since March 1 to gauge the trends of the Crisis and possible recovery timelines for the World and U.S.  As of April 18, 2019, there have been 2,360,185 Covid-19 cases throughout the World and 740,928 cases in the U.S. Unfortunately, 161,985 souls have been lost to Covid-19 in the World and 39,084 have succumbed to the virus in the U.S.  It is a blessing that 606,988 persons throughout the World and 68,599 in the U.S. have recovered from active Covid-19 status. As a result, 768,973 World Covid-19 cases are now closed (through death or recovery), representing 32.58 percent of total cases. Comparatively, 107,683 U.S. Covid-19 cases are now closed (through death or recovery), representing 14.53 percent of total cases.

All of these numbers are sobering glimpses of the devastation of our shared challenge. They also indicate that recovery and a return to normalcy are not here in totality in World and U.S. human statistics (at least not today). Reported Covid-19 cases increased by 1.70 percent yesterday alone while reported U.S. Covid-19 cases increased 0.96 percent yesterday alone. Based on the current weekly average slope of closed Covid-19 cases (tightening the curve), the World’s Covid-19 cases will likely be 100% Closed on  October 17, 2020 (181 days from today). Based on the current weekly average slope of closed Covid-19 cases, Covid-19 cases in the U.S. will likely be 100% Closed on  September 2, 2020 (136 days from today).

I do not report these statistics to scare you, but to inform you of our shared challenge. I remain hopeful from my place in this World as a human being that you and I will continue to work together with many others to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 in our local communities and regions.  Please let us know how VAVA Inc. can help you and your “families”. From a personal and business standpoint, VAVA Inc. will continue to work with you in our business relationship with fairness, equity, and compassion. We will also consider alternate payment methods for your business, ZOOM meetings, prompt payment discounts, extensions, and other recognitions of your valued patronage. Please contact us by using any of the communication modes listed below. We are in this together!