Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Van Amburgh Valuation Associates (VAVA Inc.) does important valuation work in association with talented wealth managers scattered throughout the U.S.  They come with many titles: financial planner, equity advisor, insurance strategist, estate planning agent, CPA, or Trust Administrator. Some financial planning professionals place bottom floors on the level of wealth they will manage, $500,000, $1 million, $10 million, or higher. Other wealth management and financial advisor pros have no bottom limits, choosing to include wealth management services as part of a broader portfolio of services.

So, what is wealth management. Forbes provides the best definition:

Wealth Management is “the utilization of processes, services and products designed to grow, protect, utilize and disseminate one’s wealth.”

Let’s look briefly at each of these four functions in relation to the services provided by VAVA Inc.

  • Grow: Value is defined as the expectation of future benefits to be received, also considering risk. Wealth managers position clients’ assets to achieve an acceptable level of growth, while considering the individual risk tolerance. VAVA Inc. helps by modeling the expected value appreciation and income potential generated by business assets and personal assets.
  • Protect: Wealth managers use diversification as a primary tool to manage risk and protect assets. Allocating between fixed income, preferred stock, common stock, precious metals, mutual funds, ETFs, and options provides a risk balance. VAVA Inc. uses a conservative valuation approach which evaluates risk based on a multi-dimensional cost of capital analysis for each project (along with common sense).
  • Utilize: Successful wealth managers provide client liquidity so each client has the means to live life to their desired comfort level. VAVA Inc. assists in valuations for Trust transactions, gifting programs, and other business decisions that maximize after-tax net cash flow to each client.
  • Disseminate: Approximately 40% of VAVA Inc.’s valuations are prepared for estate planning purposes. Whether the tool is a Limited Partnership, Stock Recapitalization, or a variety of an Estate Freeze, VAVA Inc. helps clients transition wealth from one generation to the next generations in the most efficient and economically-friendly way possible.

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