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Appraisal service fees are uniquely structured based on the specific requirements of each project. Most clients have affirmed that VAVA Inc.’s valuation fees are extremely cost competitive compared to other business appraisal firms. In most cases, the required fees represent a small fraction of the value-added benefit generated by the analysis.

Costs for appraisal services may vary based upon the complexity of the assignment, number of entities or interests appraised, multiple valuation dates, scope of report, rush requirements, initial valuation versus update, and other factors.


Payment for appraisal services can be structured on either a fixed fee basis or on a consulting basis at an hourly billing rate. All assignments are handled under an engagement letter which clarifies all aspects of the project. A 50 percent retainer is requested for most project assignments. Expert testimony and related preparation is usually charged separately from report preparation fees. Most assignments can be completed within 21 days from the date all requested information is received from the client to perform the analysis. A draft report is usually sent first, with final reports published after the client’s review and authorization.
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Business valuation tips and advice.
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