I am excited to announce the expansion of Van Amburgh Valuation Associates, Inc. (“VAVA Inc.”) to North Carolina. Our marketing staff is reaching out to attorneys, CPAs, business owners, wealth planners, merger professionals, and just plain old “tire-kickers” with valuation needs.

VAVA Inc. was founded in 2005 in Midlothian, Texas. During the 14 years since its origin, the Company has experienced more up-cycles and down-cycles than a bad washing machine. Through it all, VAVA Inc. has persevered and survived thanks to continued attention to the Four R’s of Successful Business.


Every dime that VAVA Inc. has earned was generated through a relationship. Looking back, we have penetrated a number of law firms, CPA practices, and wealth management / financial planning companies ONE PROFESSIONAL AT A TIME. Trusted business owners also provide significant business relationship value.
VAVA Inc. professionals make an initial contact and deliver impressive products and service the first time and every time. Hopefully by referral and word-of-mouth recommendations to others within the client firm, we grow the base of business. Eventually, this good press travels to colleagues and associates and our valuation pipeline is filled.


VAVA Inc. exists on a cornerstone of Respect. Time management, confidentiality, information requests, effective listening, and even the structure of valuation reports present a solid respect for the time, attention, and professional needs of the client. All of VAVA Inc.’s personnel are certified through respected accreditation bodies that emphasize ethics and mediation processes. Clients are urged to provide interaction and feedback at every stage of the valuation process.


Momma always taught me to choose my destination and lay out an efficient course to get there. In my youth, this meant avoiding a stop at the convenience store, swimming pool, football field, or movie theater before the target was reached. In valuation logic, this translates to avoiding boiler-plate data, unsupported assumptions, and counter-intuitive logic that confuse clients and regulatory readers of our valuation work. All relevant assumptions and value conclusions are presented on one page of each valuation report. The other pages of the valuation report focus on and document the valuation conclusions.


Like most people, I love food: steak, enchiladas, BBQ ribs, banana pudding, and Diet Mountain Dew are my favorites. Refreshment through food provides nourishment, energy, sustenance, and good health (in moderation of course). Refreshment is also very important in the business we do at VAVA Inc. We use the same basic ingredients to produce each valuation report. Financial information provided by the client is mixed with industry data, future expectations, and a base stock of valuation methodology to produce a delicious valuation meal! Once prepared, it is the skill of the appraiser chef to stir the pan and add special analytical ingredients. These may include depth of management, risk assessment, untapped markets, extraordinary expenses, and a dash of salt! The meal is complete.


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Michael B. Van Amburgh, ASA