I hope today finds you well and happy. My Texas-based business valuation practice has expanded and is doing business in the Wake Forest / Raleigh North Carolina area. Van Amburgh Valuation Associates, Inc., dba VAVA Inc. now has 18 months of business activity accomplished in North Carolina. The next step is to reach out to you and your business as trusted providers of professional legal and financial services.

The valuation practice performs analyses of companies, partnerships, LLCs, intangible assets, determination of lost profits, buy-out studies, life estate valuations, and other measures of value. All personnel are certified in business valuation through respected valuation accreditation groups.

Our respective business fields and disciplines may be different. However, all providers of professional financial services share a commonality of interests, a desire to serve client needs, and a constant searching for prospects and professional development opportunities. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and work with you.